Welcome to Dartford Judo Club

Welcome to Dartford Judo Club

Dartford Judo Club is the first purpose-built, state-of-the-art world class Judo facility in the UK, it provides a full programme of Judo classes for children from as young as five right through to adults, catering for players of all standards. It was the home of the British Judo Performance Institute in preparation for the London 2012 Olympics, and the official training venue for foreign teams in the lead up to the Olympics and Paralympics games. It continues to be the base training facility for the British VI Judo Programme.


Dartford Judo Club is very proud of all of its facilities, none more so than our purpose build conference centre. Relatively small in size, it holds up to 80 people in a theatre style setup. The conference room is modern, light and spacious, with a comfortable lounge area to hold meetings or to relax. Tea and coffee is available, with a number of lunch options to choose from, as well as plenty of off road parking. There really is no reason to hold your Company’s conference anywhere else.

Mat & Event Hire

Dartford Judo Club is home to many martial arts and can cater for many different events with two spring loaded mats, a 180-capacity viewing gallery, separate lounge and reception area and plenty of off-road parking. Dartford Judo Club can host exhibitions and competitions for countless sports at any time of the week.

Dartford Judo Club
Cotton Lane


01322 222 071


15 June 2018
Julia Jamroz - Bronze
Issac Grist - Bronze
Oscar Bowman - Bronze
Elliott Bellow - Bronze

London Open 2018
19 May 2018
Liam Bryne - Bronze
Andrew Kennard
Daya Sehota
William Bellow

61 Judo Club
13 May 2018
Matvey Ilin - Bronze

Congratulations to all the Kent teams at the Intercounties
and to our players who fought for them 
13 May 2018
Kent Boys - Gold
Liam Byrne
William Bellow
Jack Payne
Kent Girls - Gold
Daya Sehota

Class Master
29 April 2018
Jess Greenwood - Gold
James Greenwood - Silver
Ares Rhodes-Evans - Bronze
Jack Lawther - Bronze

Kent Closed
8th April 2018
Liam Bryne - Gold
Ioulia Kasapadis - Gold
Sade Ologura - Gold
William Bellow - Gold
Andrew Kennard - Silver
Jack Payne - Silver
Daya Sehota - Silver
Ruiqi Zhang - Bronze
Marcel Matthew - Bronze
Sultan Agngham - Bronze
Iona Kasapadis
Matvey Ilin
Elliott Bellow
Denis Jacuk 

Sportif London
31st Mar/1 April 2018
Daya Sehota - Silver
Iona Kasapidis 
Andrew Kennard

Schools Sheffield
17/18th March 2018
Andew Kennard
Liam Bryne
William Bellow - Bronze
Jack Payne
Ioulia Kasapadis - Silver

Southern Area Open
11th Mar 2018
Andrew Kennard 
Juniors - Bronze
William Bellow

10th Mar 2018
Matvey Ilin - Silver

Rose Hill School 
Red Belt
24th Feb 2018
Ares Rhodes Evans - Gold
Julia Jamroz - Gold
Zuzanna Drzewiecka - Gold
Jack Lowther - Silver
Tamsyn McArdle - Bronze
Ethan Smith - Bronze
Andy Chiculita - Bronze
Isaac Grist - Bronze
James Greenwood - Bronze
Vidya Sehota - Bronze and S o J
Jayden Povey - Bronze
Michan Man - Bronze

Midland Area Age Band
27th Jan 2018
Andrew Kennard

Southern Area Schools
20th Jan 2018
Ioulia Kasipidis - Gold
Jack Payne - Gold
Vidya Sehota - Silver
Maria Zielinska
Iona Kasipidis

Class Master
3 Dec 2017
Vidya Sehota - Bronze

National Sheffield
2/3 Dec 2017
Andrew Kennard
Liam Byrne
Ioula Kasapidis

British Schools Regional
11th November 2017
Ioula Kasapidis - Gold
William Bellow - Gold
Vidya Sehota - Silver
Maria Zielilnska - Silver
Liam Byrne - Bronze
Andrew Kennard - Bronze
Jack Payne - Bronze
Elliott Bellow

Help for Heroes
Mon Grade Medway Park
4th November 2017
Lacey Hargest - Gold
Marcel Matthew - Gold
Daya Sehota - Gold
Liam Byrne - Silver
Jack Payne - Bronze
Maria Zielinska - Bronze
Vidya Sehota - Bronze
Jokubas Sidlauskas
Nikita Sreinersv
Ruslain Bazerous - Gold
Brian Martin - Bronze

Welsh Open pre-cadet & cadet
4th November 2017
Andrew Kennard

BJA Eastern Area
British Schools Open
15th October 2017
Liam Byrne - Gold
Andew Kennard - Silver
Jack Payne - Silver

N.H.C Mini Mon 
Novice to 6th Mon
15th October 2018
Maria Zielinska - Gold

BJA Surrey County
Junior under 16's
8th October 2017
Andrew Kennard - Gold
William Bellow - Gold
Elliott Bellow - Bronze

British Minors Championships
1st October 2017
Daya Sehota - Bronze

NHC Area Open
23rd September 2017
Andrew Kennard
Ioulia Kasapidis
William Bellow
Liam Byrne

Eastern Area Open
12th August 2017
Ioulia Kasipidis - Bronze
Daya Sehota - Bronze
Matvey Ilin 
Jack Payne
Iona Kasipidis

Western Area Ageband
23rd July 2017
Andrew Kennard - Bronze

Class Masters Tonbridge
16th July 2017
Skye Dunnell - Bronze
Maria Zielinski - Silver
Vidya Sehota - Silver

Kent Internatinal 2017
24th/25th June 2017
Daya Sehota - Gold
Ioula Kasapidis - Silver
William Bellow - Bronze
Jack Payne 
Andrew Kennard
Ruslain Bazerous
Grzegorz Kmita

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