Dartford Judo Club

Mat and Event Hire

If you are planning an exhibition, competition or just an hour's training session, Dartford Judo Club is the place for you.

Our purpose-built centre features:

Mat Hire

Mats are available for 1 hour, half days or full days - please call or email for more information and pricing

Full Centre Hire

Need access to the entire centre, only excluding the Gym? - please call or email for more information and pricing

Dartford Judo Club
Cotton Lane


01322 222 071


Schools Championships
Liam Bryne
Daya Sehota
Andrew Kennard

Rose Hill Bushido
29 Feb 2020
Mosey Mills - Gold
Finchy Mills - Gold
Tomasz Sosinski - Gold
David Gregorizyk - Silver
Andy Chiculia - Bronze
Johnny Mills - Bronze and spirit of judo
Kughen Moonessanny - Bronze

Holmewood House
Bushido 10 Nov 2019
Mosey Mills - Gold
Finchy Mills - Gold
Andy Chiculita - Bronze

Help for Heros
2/3 Nov 2019
Liam Bryne - Gold
Daya Sehota - Gold
Sade Ologuro - Gold
Amritpal Sandhu - Gold
Gurjeevan Sandhu - Silver
Jack Payne - Silver
Mosey Mills - Bronze
Vidya Sehota - Bronze
Skye Dunnell - Bronze
Brian Martin - Gold and Bronze
Shaun Falzon - Silver
Chris Ball - Bronze
Andrew Kennard

19th Oct 2019
Southern Area Schools
Liam Byrne - Gold 
Daya Sehota - Gold
Mosey Mills - Silver
Sade Ologuro - Bronze
Marcel Matthew

21st July 2019
Finchley Mills - Gold
Mosey Mills - Gold
James Greenwood - Gold
Joshua Fourie - Silver
Jokubas Sidlavskas - Silver
Amritpal Sandhu - Bronze
Aarush Khanna -  Bronze
Aashikaa Khanna - Bronze
Wren Walby - Brfonze
Natham Fourie - Bronze and Spirit of Judo
Andy Chiculita - Bronze and Spirit of Judo

Congratulations to 
Daya Sehota
Sade Ologuro
who were choose to fight in the teams at the

Nakmas Comp
26th June 2019
Mosey Mills - Gold
Skye Dunnell - Gold
Daya Sehota - Gold
Sade Ologuro - Gold
Marcel Matthew - Gold
Maaliq Peter-Riley - Silver
Tamsyn McArdle - Silver
Liam Byrne - Silver
Finchy Mills - Bronze
Jokubas Sidlauskas - Bronze
Vidya Sehota - Bronze

Kent International
26th June 2019
Daya Sehote
Jack Payne

Kent Closed
30th March 2019
Jess Greenwood - Gold
Daya Sehota - Gold
Marcel Matthew - Silver
Mosey Mills - Silver
Liam Byrne - Bronze
Yuri Andrijanov - Bronze
Zack Grosser - Bronze
Ruicci Zhang
Denis Jacuk
Vladimir Andrijanov
Mtvey Ilin

Andrew Kennard - Bronze
Thorston Thorstein

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